Keeley pairs with Daniel Donato for the Artist Series Cosmic Country Phaser

Keeley has introduced the first of its Artist Series pedals – a collaboration with Daniel Donato, entitled the Cosmic Country Phaser.

The pedal is a four-knob phaser with three operating modes – two, four or six stages of phasing, depending on how dramatic you want the effect. The four knobs allow for control depth, rate, feedback and level, while the amount of phaser stages is chosen with a toggle switch in the centre.

The depth control manages how dramatic the peaks and valleys of EQ are as they are swept around your signal, while the rate manages how fast the corresponding low-frequency oscillation sweeps through the frequencies. The feedback control introduces some of the output from a later stage of phasing into an earlier one – meaning a slightly resonant, vocal sound is folded into the mix.


Donato himself said about the Cosmic Country Phaser: “Dependability, flexibility, and durability make a great guitar. What makes an amazing pedal? That special sauce that Keeley puts into each of their circuits. The Cosmic Country phaser takes the sound I hear in my mind, and blows it through each speaker it comes in contact with.”

The pedal sports some artwork that certainly lives up to both words in its name, which itself is coined after the psychedelic-infused brand of country Donato is a master of. Hear him demo the pedal below:

The pedal begins shipping 22 December 2020. Keeley also notes that a portion of the sales of the Artist Series will go towards helping artists through the pandemic.

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