Kemper’s latest OS update brings Klons, Tube Screamers and more to the modeller

All as part of an ultimate ‘Kemper Drive.’


Image: Kemper

Kemper has today announced the latest operating system update to its series of digital modelling amplifiers, which, among other things, brings a set of overdrives inspired by legendary bits of kit.

Pedals added to the profiler’s FX arsenal with the Profiler OS Version 8.0 include units inspired by the Ibanez / Maxon TS808, TS9, the Klon Centaur, the Horizon Devices Precision Drive, the Boss OD-1 and SD-1, the Analogman King Of Tone, the Timmy Overdrive and the Marshall Bluesbreaker MK1.

Thanks to the nature of the profiler, however, you’re allowed to get under the hood a lot more than with the originals, adjusting various hidden and “crucial” parameters. As Kemper describes, “the Kemper research team thoroughly uncovered all the similarities as well as the differences amongst analogue overdrive pedals, the tools of the trade. The result now is a kind of ‘Uber-Drive’ which features an advanced algorithm that is capable of creating all the special overdrive characteristics in just one unit by just adding two additional particular parameters.”

Alongside this Uber Drive unit, Profiler version 8.0 includes an OCD-inspired Distortion, and Kemper notes that more distortion units are on the way.

Take a listen to how the profiles of the overdrives sound in Kemper’s demo below:

Find out more and download the free update at

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