Kemper brings new features to its Profiler with OS version 7.5

Rig Manager also gets an update.

Kemper's Profiler

Image: Kemper

Kemper has announced the release of Kemper Profiler OS 7.5, a software update for its popular amp-modelling unit that brings a number of new features. Alongside this, Kemper’s Rig Manager has also been updated to version 3.0. Both are free for owners of a Kemper Profiler. The new features added to the profiler are:

Acoustic Simulator

This is an effect that can transform your electric guitar’s signal into a “pretty authentic acoustic-sounding tone,” according to kemper. It’s been designed for the kinds of moments when guitarists would step up to an acoustic guitar mounted on a stand.

For tweaking of your acoustic tone, you can modify the Pickup, Body, Bronze, and Sparkle parameters of the effect.

Take a look at Lonny Eagleton (Black Veil Brides) demonstrating the acoustic simulator below:

Phase Widener

The Phase Widener is an effect that creates wide stereo signal from a mono signal and according to Kemper does not tonally colour your tone at all.

Delay Widener

This achieves a well-known stereo-widening truck by delaying one side of a stereo signal by several milliseconds. Kemper notes that, in contrast to the Phase Widener, the Delay Widener is not mono-compatible and should be checked for colouration when used on a recording.

Auto Swell

Auto Swell mimics a volume pedal swell with every strike of the strings. You can adjust the time of the swell all the way up to a maximum of 4 seconds. A compressor is included in the effects, shaping the decay of the instrument once faded in.

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