KMA Machines erects the Pylon, a multi-function always-on pedal

The unit combines a boost, a noise gate, a buffer and a bevvy of handy switching options.

KMA Machines Pylon

Image: KMA Machines

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KMA Machines has launched the Pylon, a new pedal that offers a handful of useful always-on features such as a noise gate, a boost and a transformer buffer.

The Pylon’s noise gate function is based on a Blackmer VCA circuit, with a single knob to control the gate’s threshold level, and a toggle switch to select between two response modes: High and Low. Low offers a fast decay time for precise operation, and High gives you a softer response with a longer decay time.

The pedal also features a send/return loop, that lets you accurately target noisy pedals. If you place your amplifier’s preamp in the effects loop with the four-cable method, you can also more effectively clamp down on a noisy gain channel.

An external footswitch jack allows you to either trigger the noise gate with an external source for a killswitch effect, or remotely engage the pedal. A secondary channel switch footswitch jack lets you use the pedal’s footswitch to switch your amplifier’s channel, as well as engage the gate.

The clean boost is controlled by two knobs, Boost and Cut. Boost adds volume to the signal, and Cut filters out some low-end to keep the bass end of your signal from becoming too flabby. The boost can be set to work in sync mode, only activating when the noise gate is enabled, or set to be always on or always off.

In its signature style, KMA Machines offered a short science-fiction reinterpretation of the Pylon’s function, adding a little depth to the arcane artwork found on the pedal. It reads: “Deep within the solitude of the temple, the Sau’s of the Per-Ankh assembled in silence. Their conclusion was self-evident.

“Only those pure of tone could be received in the temple and find sonic peace. From the centre of their silent circle, the Orb swelled and raised above the Pylons. Erupting in a rain of light and spewing forth daggers of lightning, their new God subdued and separated the chaotic ocean of noise from the perfect breeze of stillness. Peace reigned once more, the hordes of cacophony overcome.”

The Pylon lists for $219. Find out more at kmamachines.com.

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