Korora Audio introduces the modern and musical tremolo pedal, Merlo

The pedal offers a wide sonic palette, thanks in part to FM and its versatile controls.

Korora Audio Merlo

Image: Korora Audio

Korora Audio of Seattle, Washington has introduced the Merlo, a premium tremolo pedal that uses frequency modulation (FM) to boast a wide and musical sonic palette.

The Merlo gives guitarists added control over the regulation of the traditional harmonic tremolo effect – which cycles between high- and low-pass signals. It includes options to adjust the crossover frequency, resonance and filter roll-offs. According to Korora, the Merlo uses a specific filter design that “adds subtle (and sometimes pronounced) formants” to the affected sound.

With the use of FM in the LFO, guitarists gain access to a sine, triangle and pulse envelope shapes, as well as ramp and asymmetrical shapes to craft their ideal tremolo’d guitar tone.

A particularly interesting control is the shape knob, which can be used to make shapes continuously morph from one form to the other. For example, going from a smooth sine wave into a jagged pulse wave.

Other appointments on the modern-minded tremolo pedal include a tap tempo that glides into a rate change, a soft touch true bypass switch and top mounted jacks. Hear the Merlo in action, below.

On its latest pedal creation, Korora Audio wrote:

“Not limited to being a vintage circuit emulation, Merlo provides a range of textures that will boost your creativity in any tremolo situation, or may have you using a tremolo where you never would have before.”

Merlo is available now, priced at $249 on kororaaudio.com.

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