NAMM 2021: Kramer announces Original and Modern collection revamp for 2021

NAMM 2021: Kramer has announced the new Original and Modern collections for 2021, providing 1980s shred flair and sleek modern takes on old-school designs respectively.

Kramer Original series

Baretta Special

Kramer Barretta Special

This stripped-back shredder isn’t packed with features – instead, it sports a single Alnico-V uncovered zebra humbucker, controlled only by a volume knob. The mahogany body, finished in either black or white (both with matching headstock), sports a bolt-on maple neck topped with 22 frets. A Kramer vibrato, finished in chrome for the pau ferro fretboard model or nickel fro the maple fretboard model, completes a 25.5-inch scale length for a classic S-type feel.

Lists for $179.

Focus VT-211S

Kramer Focus VT-211S


With less of a shred approach, this guitar comes with a mahogany body finished in either Ruby Red, Pewter Gray, Teal or Purple, all with a matching headstock atop a maple neck and fretboard.

Electronics come in the form of two Kramer Alnico 5 SC-1 single coil pickups and a Kramer Alnico 5 humbucker, with a five-way blade switch, two tone controls and a volume control. Like the Baretta Special, there’s a 25.5-inch scale length alongside a chrome Kramer Traditional Tremolo.

Lists for $129.


Kramer Pacer

This guitar features an all-maple construction, as well as premium shred features such as a Floyd Rose 1000 Series tremolo, an R2 locking nut and a set of Seymour Duncan JB and JN humbuckers, which can run either in series or parallel.

These are combined with a 25.5-inch scale-length and a 14-inch fretboard radius.

Finished in either Pearl White or Orange Tiger, and lists for $759.


Kramer SM-1


The second most premium guitar in the original series, and the only set-neck model, the SM-1 features deep carves on its cutaways for easy access to all 24 frets. The mahogany body and neck join an ebony fretboard and all-black hardware (including the Floyd Rose 1000 Series tremolo) for a sleek look.

While from a distance the guitar looks to have an HSS arrangement, the middle and neck positions are in fact loaded with Seymour Duncan Cool Rails humbuckers. The bridge pickup is a Seymour Duncan JB humbucker.

Finished in either Maximum Steel, Orange Crush or Candy Blue, and lists for $1,049.

Jersey Star

Kramer Jersey Star

True to its name, this guitar’s maple fretboard features mother of pearl star inlays, as well as star decals on the body and headstock. Its eye-catching looks continue with a gold finish for the Floyd Rose 1000 Series, R2 locking nut, and all three of the mounting rings for the humbuckers.

These humbuckers are a pair of Seymour Duncan JBs in the bridge and middle position, and a JN in the neck. The JBs can be coil split individually, thanks to the mini toggle switches below the single volume control and five-way blade switch.

Finished in either Alpine White or Candy Apple Red, and lists for $1,149.

Night Swan

Kramer Night Swan

This unique axe isn’t for those not fond of blue polka dots on a black background, as that’s its only finish option. To go along with this unique look, there are some unique specs, namely the lack of a neck pickup in favour of just a bridge pickup and a middle pickup, both Seymour Duncan JB humbuckers. Other features include a Floyd Rose 1000 Series tremolo and R2 locking nut and a 24 jumbo fret ebony fretboard atop a maple neck, bolted into a mahogany body.

Lists for $899

The 84

Kramer 84

Throwing back to Kramer’s place in ‘80s shred, this guitar features a lightweight alder body, a Seymour Dunacn JB humbucker, a push/pull volume control for series/parallel switching and a Floyd Rose 1000 Series tremolo and R2 locking nut.

Construction consists of an alder body, and a bolt-on maple neck with a walnut skunk stripe. Finished in either Metallic Blue, Radiant Red, Alpine White, Matte White, and Green Soda.


Kramer Barretta

A more premium version of the Baretta Special, the Baretta features a Floyd Rose 1000 Series tremolo alongside a single Seymour Duncan JB humbucker. The body, neck and fretboard are all maple, and the hardware is all finished in black.

Finished in either Pewter Gray or Ruby Red, and lists for $699.

Kramer Modern Series

Nite V

Kramer Nite V

Sporting Kramer’s unique bevelled V shape, with a Floyd Rose Licenced tremolo, and two Kramer Alnico 5 humbuckers, Kramer bills this as “a great way for young shredders to discover a Kramer classic at a great price.” Other appointments include a 22-fret, 12-inch radius ebony fretboard and a 25.5-inch scale length.

Finished in Satin Black, and lists for $399.

Nite V Plus

Kramer Nite V Plus

A more premium version of the above, the pickups have been upgraded to Seymour Duncan open coil Alternative 8 and ‘59 humbuckers, and the tremolo is gone in favour of a string-through/tune-o-matic bridge and tailpiece. The 22-fret, 12-inch radius ebony fretboard and a 25.5-inch scale length remain, along with the bolt-on maple neck/mahogany body construction.

Finished in Alpine White and lists for $659.

Assault 220

Kramer Assault 220

Sporting a mahogany body and set maple neck, this single-cut has the notable inclusion of 24 medium jumbo frets, as well as dual Kramer alnico V humbuckers and a Floyd Rose Licenced Tremolo with locking nut.

Finished in black with red accents on the fretboard inlays and pickup bobbins, or in white.

Lists for $379.

Assault Plus

Kramer Assault Plus

A premium take on the Assault model, this comes with a flame maple veneer over its mahogany body, as well as a bound mahogany neck with maple fretboard. The pickups are Seymour Duncan JB and JN zebra coil humbuckers, while the tremolo is a fully-fledged Floyd Rose 1000 series with R2 locking nut

Finished in either Bengal Burst or Trans Purple Burst, and lists for $829.

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