La Grange reinvents The Wheel with Sheptone humbuckers

The single-cut electric previously featured P-90s.

Jerusalem-based guitar brand La Grange has unveiled a revised version of The Wheel. Chief among this single-cut’s modifications are a pair of Sheptone Heartbreaker humbuckers in place of P-90s.

The Heartbreakers, as their name suggests, take inspiration from Jimmy Page’s fabled classic rock tone. With a combo of alnico V magnets and 42 plain enamel wire, these pickups are touted to produce a PAF-style tone characterised by thick low-ends, sparkling highs and tasty mids. Both pups can be further sculpted by CTS 250K volume and tone pots as well as a three-way pickup selector.

La Grange The Wheel humbucker close up


Besides its new pickups, the axe remains largely unchanged. La Grange has retained its solid korina body, C-shape maple neck with a purple-heart stripe and ebony fretboard.

As for hardware, The Wheel is fitted with an ABR-1 tune-o-matic nickel bridge, a vintage-style lightweight aluminium tailpiece and Gotoh tuners. You also have the option to swap out the stock tailpiece for a Bigsby B5 Vibrato variant.

Available from $3,480. More info at