Watch Lee Kiernan of IDLES discuss his gargantuan studio pedalboard

Capable of creating synth-like textures and huge walls of feedback.

Guitarist Lee Kiernan of IDLES has sat down for the latest episode of EarthQuaker Devices’ show Board To Death, showing off an absolutely massive pedalboard he currently has wired up.

IDLES, like all bands in the UK at the moment, haven’t been able to play live for over a year now – so the pedalboard Kiernan discusses is definitely rigged to be a studio tool rather than a live setup. This is evidenced by the fact that it’s about the size of a small moon (or large spaceship), and is packed full of experimental pedals set in an experimental order.

Some of the sounds are less new and experimental, however, with Kiernan demonstrating some of the stranger tones found on the band’s discography.


Lee’s appearance on Board To Death is the 33rd episode of the show, which has also featured Nels Cline of Wilco, Takeshi from Boris and Jonathan Nuñez of Torche.

You can see the episode below.

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