Lehle’s new Little Dual II makes amp switching quick and painless

Hum and noise-free switching with a high-impedence transformer.

Lehle has revealed its new, passive ABY switcher the Little Dual II, which allows for rapid and pain-free switching between two amplifiers.

This model is an update on the Little Dual, and features a high-end transformer to isolate both A and B outputs for minimal noise when switching. It also includes two soft switches which Lehle says are more durable, quicker and quieter than their mechanical brethren.

The pedal features two modes that allow the user to activate or deactivate each output individually, or indeed to switch between amps and activate the remaining one. Stereo routing is also an option.

Lehle Dual II

If you choose to use a TRS cable (not included) the pedal can also be used as a DI box, taking your balanced or unbalanced signal from output A.

The Little Dual II also includes an active pop suppression circuit, a TRS switch and “high-intensity” LEDs. Presumably they’re strong enough to rival Superman’s heat vision, which is great for outdoor gigging or a poorly lit stage floor.

The Little Dual II is priced $349 (£286, €315 approx). Visit lehle.com for more information.

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