Line 6 refreshes its amplifier lineup with the Catalyst series of combos

The line updates Line 6’s digital modelling combo range to be a little more Katana-esque

Line 6 has introduced its new line of digital modelling combo amplifiers: The Catalyst series. The amplifiers leverage Line 6’s revered HX digital modelling tech in a form factor that’s become familiar over the last few years.

Following in the wake of series such as Boss’ Katana or Blackstar’s Silverline, the combo amps offer a set of controls to manage a bank of amplifier models, selected with a rotary switch on the front panel. Two ‘channels’ function as presets that you can switch between using a button on the control panel or with a footswitch. There’s a manual mode for consistent “what you see is what you get” operation.

The amplifier models offered are ordered in terms of gain, with Clean, Boutique, Chime, Crunch, Dynamic and Hi Gain (no Insane setting, unfortunately).

Other controls on the face of the amp are found in a long line of knobs, controlling pre-front-end boost, preamp gain, a three-band EQ, a presence control, a channel volume control, knobs for controlling one of the onboard effects, a reverb control and a master volume. Alongside the channel select buttons, there are also buttons to engage the boost, select effect style and engage the reverb, as well as tap tempo for modulation and delay.

The Catalyst comes in three flavours: 60W, 100W or 200W. In all cases, the back panel has a power attenuation control, letting you set the output power at full, half, or half-watt for ultra-quiet playing. The back panel also has the jack for the footswitch, a USB connection for use as an interface and for firmware tweaks, an auxiliary input, a headphone and direct out (quarter-inch and XLR respectively) and a two-mode effects loop. The secondary mode allows you to use the return jack as a power-amp input.

Under the hood, the amplifiers use the same sound design techniques as the HX line of products, such as the HX Stomp. The 100- and 200-watt models feature a midi port to receive program change messages for parameter adjustment. The 60- and 100-watt models are 1×12 combos, while the 200-watt model is a 2×12.

The 60-watt version lists for $299 / £249, the 100-watt for $399 / £339, and the 200 for $499 / £439. Find out more at line6.com.

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