NAMM 2020: LR Baggs’ Soundscape is a futuristic acoustic guitar amplifier

It uses an app to capture the voice of your guitar.

NAMM 2020: LR Baggs has introduced the Soundscape, a pedal-sized amplifier for acoustic guitars. You can check out LR Baggs’ demo video above.

The pedal-sized unit interfaces with a smartphone to measure the acoustic response of your guitar and create what LR Baggs calls a “Voiceprint.” This is then used in a similar way to a speaker cabinet IR to create a more authentically ‘acoustic’ tone with your pickup’s signal. In short, it aims to retain the true voice of your guitar even after it has been put through a pickup, mixing desk, PA and monitor speakers.

The Soundscape was developed with Dr. Jonathan Abel, co-founder of Universal Audio. LR Baggs says that the capture procedure is fairly simple, despite the complexity of the algorithms driving it: “simply plug into the pedal and set your phone into position; tap on the bridge, strum a few chords, pick some strings, and you’re done!”


The voiceprint has the added benefit of being able to create an anti-feedback profile, identifying what frequencies will resonate and attenuating them. The sensitivity of this can be tweaked with a control on the pedal. For more fine control, the accompanying Acoustic Live app can control the Soundscape’s EQ presets for an easily selectable variety of tones.ß

The Soundscape lists for $399. For more information, go to

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