The amplifier-toting Doof Wagon from Mad Max: Fury Road is up for auction

The repurposed military truck is now a vehicle of peace, capable only of serving up an onslaught of music.

Being on the road can be rough business for bands. We’ve all heard horror stories of gear being stolen out of tour vans or musicians getting stiffed by an unfair booker. That probably wouldn’t happen as often as it does if bands were rolling up to gigs in a 15-tonne military truck armed with a flame-throwing guitar and a wall of amplifiers. And as it so happens, the Doof Wagon from Mad Max: Fury Road is now up for auction.

The Doof Wagon includes a 4-piece Taiko drum section and a wall of amplifiers strapped on with bungee cords. The vehicle itself is a MAN KAT1, usually implemented by military forces to carry missile systems; with the Doof Wagon, it’s technically a vehicle for peace as it can only serve up an onslaught of music wherever it goes.

The Doof Wagon, amongst other vehicles from the movie, is going up for auction under Lloyd’s Auctioneers And Valuers on 26 September 2021. And for those who aren’t familiar with the Doof Warrior, this clip from Mad Max: Fury Road should clear things up:


An in case you were wondering: Yes, the flamethrower-guitar actually works. We’ll be bringing you a closer look at it on issue 400 of Guitar Magazine, on sale December 3. Stay tuned for more.

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