Matt Bellamy outlines future projects with Manson Guitar Works

Plans include affordable M-series and tech-integrated instruments.

In early June, Matt Bellamy acquired the majority share in boutique guitar company Manson Guitar Works. The Muse frontman has now laid out his vision for the brand in a new interview.

When discussing future guitar releases, Bellamy picked out the M-series as a range he wanted work on: “We have plans in the coming months and years to launch a lower cost M-series guitar based on some of my favourite instruments”. He also shed light on a new direction that Manson might take. “[We plan to] investigate new products in the heavier music genre including seven-string versions”, Bellamy said.

Matt Bellamy
Image: Rick Kern / WireImage


On the topic of high-tech axes, Bellamy said: “As we will shortly be celebrating my 20-year relationship with Manson, we are in discussions about some high-end limited-edition guitars that really accurately detail my stage instruments. The future? We’ll certainly be exploring enhanced electronic features to further evolve the guitar into the modern era”. Bellamy, currently on tour with Muse, was recently spotted using a Manson guitar with a built-in Arturia V Prophet synth.

When asked in the same interview about the prospect of new guitars, Manson Guitar Works CEO Adrian Ashton confirmed that the brand was indeed brainstorming fresh ideas – but stopped short of revealing them. He said: “The MA EVO and Classic line [have] just benefited from a complete revamp for 2019 and is selling really well.

“Naturally there will be an expanded range of MB Signature Guitars, possibly even an MB custom shop department, but it comes back to that sustainable growth; quality and great tone will always come first.”

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