Mattoverse’s FloraVolt is an overdrive pedal that’s powered by fruits and veggies

“Move over tonewood, tonefruit is the next great tone debate.”

Mattoverse Floravolt

Image: Mattoverse

Mattoverse’s FloraVolt, an overdrive pedal you can power with fruit and vegetables, is now ready to order. Get ready to clear out that crisper drawer.

The FloraVolt runs on the principle of organic batteries: simply ‘plug’ in a piece of fruit or vegetable – a potato, apple, banana or more – into the silver and copper pegs, and you’re ready to go.

Mattoverse describes the pedal as capable of delivering “everything from starved distorted tones to mild overdrive and low gain crunch” – but due to the voltage limitation of most fruit and vegetables, the maximum volume will be close to, or just slightly over unity gain.

Other than that, you’ll be able to adjust your tone with a side-mounted gain knob and a bass roll-off switch.

“Spend the day ripping sick riffs thanks to that old banana you weren’t going to eat anyway,” says the brand in a description. “Use an apple to sweetly saturate your synths and drum machines, or languish in the luscious tones of your lime powered legato leads.”

No doubt, there’s an element of trial-and-error involved in finding the right foodstuff to use, but that’s part of the fun. It reminds us somewhat of the Rainger FX Minibar Liquid Analyser, which alters its distortion based on the liquid inside it.

Mattoverse’s FloraVolt is available now at $149.


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