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MD Effects announces the Compactor V2

MD Effects announces the Compactor V2

Following the success of its High Tide Chorus Reverb and Delay unit, MD Effects has released another pedal: the Compactor V2.

The updated compressor circuit is touted to add definition, sustain and punch to each note. It features deep compression capabilities that ensure the dry signal remains always present in the mix.

The Compactor V2 ditches its predecessor’s “EQ”, “Ratio” and “Comp” knobs in favour of a new “Attack and Release” control scheme. Tweaking “Attack” and “Release” knobs can take you from fat compressed sounds to a more subtle compression with ringing sustain.

The pedal’s “Bright” switch also makes a return, preserving those high frequencies that are often drowned out by the compression effect.

Hear the pedal in action here:

Retails at $200. More information at mdeffects.net.