Mesa/Boogie launches CabClone IR and IR+ cab sims

16 cabinet simualtions available on tap

Mesa/Boogie has entered the small form-factor cabinet simulator world and launched the CabClone IR and IR+ cab sims.

Cab sims are becoming an ever popular and useful tool amongst gigging and recording guitarists alike, with the Strymon Iridium being a recent addition to the market that’s turned heads, alongside other stalwarts like the Line 6 HX Stomp.


This unit offers 16 variations of Mesa cabinets, along with built-in reactive load and a power attenuator is also available on the IR+ model.

Both CabClone IR models come pre-loaded with Mesa cabs that have been captured using a combination of ribbon, dynamic and condenser mics:

• 4×12 Recto Standard
• 4×12 Recto Traditional
• 2×12 Recto Horizontal
• 1×12 Recto
• 1×12 Thiele
• 2×12 Lone Star
• 1×12 Lone Star 23