Mesa/Boogie announces Cleo, Dynaplex and Gold Mine overdrive pedals

These feisty stompers each cover their own range of the gain spectrum.

Mesa/Boogie has announced three new overdrive pedals that each cover a different range of the gain spectrum. The Cleo, Dynaplex and Gold Mine are the latest dirtboxes conceived from the brand at their workshop in Petaluma, California.


Mesa/Boogie Cleo
Image: Mesa/Boogie

Sitting at the low-gain side of the spectrum, the Cleo is a vintage-inspired boost/overdrive with a focus on transparent driven tones. At this pedal’s hottest settings, you’ll find a medium gain overdrive, still packed with dynamic nuance and a lively attack. Controls on the Cleo are simple – with just volume, gain and tone control.



Mesa/Boogie Dynaplex
Image: Mesa/Boogie

The Dynaplex is aim “straight at the heart” of British crunch, with an emphasis on delivering chirping harmonics and mid-range punch. This dirtbox seems to be the more classic rock-oriented of the bunch – and is centred around delivering mid-gain guitar tones. In addition to volume, gain and tone control, this device also includes a presence knob for showing off its more chime-y tendencies.

Gold Mine

Mesa/Boogie Goldmine
Image: Mesa/Boogie

Designed with heavy players in mind, the Gold Mine offers harmonically rich mid- to high-gain tones that can be engaged for chugging rhythm playing and soaring leads alike. In terms of controls, this pedal brings along a tone stack – controls for bass, mids and trebles – in addition to its volume and gain knob.

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