Mid Valley FX’s Lo-Fi Giant dials in massive sub octave fuzz

Descend into oscillation madness.

The latest creation out of Mid Valley FX’s lab – the same people who brought you the Mad Robot – is the Lo-Fi Giant Fuzz. This is a high-gain fuzz unit best suited for guitarists looking to experiment with oscillations.

According to the brand, the Lo-Fi Giant can go from no oscillation, to motorboating, to a slight hint of oscillation at the end of a note. This is thanks to the interaction between the pedal’s voltage and fuzz controls. With both these controls set lower, the Lo-Fi Giant produces a gated oscillation sound that only comes through at the end of notes. With both dialed up, gain is increased and the pedal produces a motorboat-style oscillation.

The tone knob, on the other hand, fine-tunes attack and adjusts clarity. And as you’d expect, volume governs the output. Tweaking these four controls offers you a plethora of sounds that Mid Valley Fx claims is best suited for stoner rock, alternative, grunge, industrial rock and doom.


Watch the demo above to learn more.

Lists for $130. More information at midvalleyfx.com.