Milkman Sound teases head version of The Amp

Which currently exists as a floor-based unit.

Milkman Sound has teased a version of ‘The Amp’ taking the form of a standard amplifier on its Instagram. Take a look at the post below, which poses the question: “Should this be a thing?”

The regular version of The Amp is a 50W guitar amp in a floor-based format. Its preamp is based around a single 12AX7 running at high voltage in a discrete Class-A circuit, which means the front-end of the amp reacts like any tube preamp, while the Class D power section delivers 50 watts into 8ohms, or 100 watts into 4ohms. It’s been highly praised for its straightforward approach and clear sound. The current floor version can also work at a pedal-level output – but that’s probably less necessary in the teased amp-head version.

We spoke to Milkman Sound’s Tim Marcus last year, where he told us about his approach to his Instagram: “There are many artists and ‘people of note’ using Milkman amplifiers, but I am a fan of discretion. When someone famous orders from me, I do not share it on social media or anything like that. My Instagram feed is probably 99.9 per cent musician-free – it’s just the amplifiers, the materials I use and the occasional picture of me futzing around on pedal-steel.”

For more info on Milkman Amps, head over to milkmansound.com.

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