Kickstarter for MOD Devices’ Dwarf is funded in less than 24 hours

The pedal aims to brings DAW-like power into a multi-effects stompbox

The Kickstarter campaign for MOD Devices’ latest pedal, the Dwarf, has reached its funding goal in less than 24 hours. At the time of writing, €129,350 has been pledged to the project, which began with a goal of €100,000.

The pedal itself is a take on the digital, connected multi-effects pedal. Like most current options on the market, it has extensive I/O (including USB support), a screen and variable-function control knobs to tweak effects, amplifiers and cab sims. The Dwarf can even run virtual instruments and synthesisers – and if the on-board screen isn’t enough, create patches on a laptop, tablet or phone. This is all powered by a quad-core 64 bit ARM CPU running at 1.3GHz, with 8 gb storage, and 1 gb RAM. Additionally, as its firmware is based on open-source software, user-created plugins are far more accessible – both to install and to create.

Speaking of accessibility – the Dwarf is priced very approachably, with backers who pledged €245 receiving a unit. Single preorders are sold out, however there is still the chance to preorder a single unit plus a premium plugin pack (€295), a pair of Dwarfs (€485) or three Dwarfs (€708).


Take a look at MOD’s video below for more information.

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