Mod Kits DIY adds the Tone Attack to its line-up

You can assemble this stompbox from scratch.

Mod Kits DIY has unveiled the Tone Attack, a boost and EQ pedal that delivers effective tone-sculpting options. This one is targeted at both novice and experienced pedal builders alike.

The Tone Attack houses an active tone stack circuit that shapes EQ and boosts targeted frequency bands. Control-wise, the pedal has a simple three-knob layout consisting of a two-band EQ and a master boost control. The latter functions as an attenuator or a signal booster that pushes tone towards piercing volumes.  

he pedal ships with a step-by-step user guide, a pre-drilled enclosure, point-to-point wiring, and all other required components. You’ll only need basic soldering tools to put the stompbox together.


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