Mojo Hand FX’s compact RVT packs vintage amp effects

This pedal’s reverb, tremolo and vibrato are informed by 60s amplifiers.

Mojo Hand FX has released the RVT, a pedalboard-friendly stomper boasting three vintage amp effects: reverb, tremolo and vibrato. With voicing inspired by vintage 60s amplifiers, this DSP-based unit is designed as a companion to smaller, feature-light gigging amps.

Diving into its controls, the pedal boasts three knobs – reverb, speed and depth – on top of an effect button that toggles between vibrato and tremolo. The reverb knob governs the level of amp-like reverb, while the speed and depth controls can be used to fine-tune the selected effect, be it vibrato or tremolo.

As an added bonus, the first 100 RVT units will ship with a complimentary WingMan foot control knob. This accessory, created by Option Knob, is designed to make it easier to turn knobs using your foot.


Retails at $149. More info at