Mooer launches the Groove Loop X2, a drum-machine-loaded stereo loop pedal

Featuring time-stretching, preset slots and more.

Mooer has launched a new loop pedal, the Groove Loop X2. As its name suggests, it is fully stereo-capable, and has an onboard drum machine with 11 styles of drum pattern.

The pedal features two footswitches. The left either begins recording, playback or dubbing, while the right either stops the loop or functions as a tap-tempo for the drum machine. Speed can also be adjusted by a knob on the face of the pedal, alongside the levels of your recorded loop and of the drum machine.

Drum genres on offer include pop, funk, blues, rock, metal, jazz, fusion, punk, latin, “Hip-pop”, and disco. Genres are selected by an 11-position rotary knob, with a second pattern knob selecting from 11 variations within each genre.


Also present are 14 preset slots, which can save loops and control positions. The pedal’s time-stretch function means you can slow down or speed up looped phrases without affecting pitch, and when looping without having set a tempo the drum machine will detect your playing’s tempo and set it accordingly.

Stereo ins and outs can be configured in a number of ways, including a standard stereo loop setup, or a split output with guitar signal going to an amplifier and the drum machine’s signal going to a mixing desk.

Hear the pedal in action with Mooer’s introductory video below.

The pedal lists for €149. Find out more at