Mooer embiggens the D7 delay and the R7 reverb, gives both an extra footswitch and stereo capabilities

The new pedals are part of the X2 Series.

Mooer has updated both its D7 and R7 pedals to new X2 versions, giving them a bigger enclosure, stereo ins and outs and an extra footswitch each.

D7 X2

The D7 X2 delay’s extra footswitch allows for tap tempo to set the delay time. The pedal has some self-explanatory controls such as mix, time and feedback, as well as two extra Tweak knobs. These adjust various parameters depending on which of the 14 delay effects is chosen, such as modulation depth and rate or bitrate reduction. Some of the effects make a lot of use of the new stereo functionality, especially the new ping-pong delay.

Once you’ve adjusted the parameters to taste, you can press the save button on the face of the pedal to store your settings. Presets can then be scrolled by pressing both footswitches down to enter scrolling mode, and then going up and down with the respective footswitches.


The pedal also has adjustable trails bypass, which can be enabled or disabled by holding the bypass footswitch down.

R7 X2

The second footswitch here now functions as an infinite hold function. The preset saving and scrolling functionality is the same as the D7 X2’s. Also like the D7 X2, the R7 X2 has switchable trails bypass.

Controls on the face of the pedal are universal across all 14 of the different effects: there are knobs for high-cut, low-cut, decay, mix and pre-delay.

There are no official prices announced for the two pedals yet. Find out more at