Morley introduces trio of wah pedals from new 20/20 line

Pedalboard-friendly units feature onboard buffer and glow-in-the-dark details.

Morley 20/20 Bad Horsie Wah

Morley has beefed up its 20/20 wah collection with a trio of models: the Bad Horsie Wah, Power Wah and Power Wah Volume. Featuring pedalboard-friendly enclosures, each wah also boasts Morley’s popular optical circuitry, glow-in-the-dark details and a new buffer.

Morley’s new buffer is designed to protect your tone while mitigating volume loss caused by signal chain issues or long cables. Besides the redesigned buffer, the 20/20s are also said to share the same throw, sweep and feel as Morley’s classic wah pedals.

The Bad Horsie Wah’s specs are informed by the Bad Horsie II. This model comes with two wah modes – Bad Horsie and Contour Wah – that you can toggle via an onboard footswitch. The Power Wah and Power Wah Volume each pack a 20dB wah boost, with the latter offering additional volume pedal capabilities.

Rounding out the wahs’ features are silent switching – to prevent pops and bleeds – as well as glow-in-the-dark details that come in handy on dark stages.

The Bad Horsie Wah retails at $169, the Power Wah at $139 and the Power Wah Volume at $159. More info at