Moscow luthier builds french fry guitar to honour McDonald’s exit from Russia

We’re lovin’ it.

Last month, McDonald’s broke the heart of Russian fans when they announced that they were exiting the country for good after 32 years of operation. One man, in particular, felt the news more than others, and what better way to get over the heartbreak than to build a guitar using fries from the fast-food chain.

The man in question is ArtMayer, a YouTuber and luthier from Moscow who’s known for making some of the craziest (and tastiest) electric guitars you can think of, including a Strat-style six-string made of 36 ramen noodle packs.

His latest master work arrives in the form of an electric made largely from McDonald’s French fries, and in addition to being both a visual and gustatory treat, the guitar also sounds surprisingly decent.

French Fry Guitar
Image: ArtMayer via YouTube

Featuring a Les Paul-style body shape, the calorie-laden instrument comes with a McDonald’s Fries packet embedded below the bridge. Humbuckers made by Russian pickup brand Fokin were used while a bright yellow burger-themed head headstock completes the look.

“I dedicate this video to all french fries lovers, which I myself am,” ArtMayer declared in the video’s description. And french fries lovers aside, it’s certainly one of the more delicious builds we’ve seen as of late.

Watch ArtMayer work his guitar magic in the video below.

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