Mr Black launches the new bucket-brigade-powered Analog Chorus/Vibrato Deluxe

Looking to expand your analogue options?

Mr Black Pedals has launched a new modulation pedal: the Analog Chorus Vibrato/Deluxe, an expanded version of its three-knob predecessor the Analog Chorus/Vibrato.

At its core, the pedal’s sounds come from old-school bucket-brigade chips, following up on the name’s promise of a rounded analogue-style chorus rather than a more brittle digital one.

The pedal’s LFO allows for tap-tempo input, and offers four distinct waveforms: Triangle, Square, Sine and Glitch/Random. Mr Black also describes its range of speed as “staggering” – meaning warbling trills to slow washing waves of modulation are both on tap, and everything in between. And to keep you in the loop, a dedicated pulsating LED indicates where the speed is at. The rate knob can bring the pedal from 16.66Hz – 0.423Hz, while using the tap tempo switch you can dial in a massive 13-second cycle time.

The controls include the standard wet/dry, width and rate, as well as the more outre Lag and Shine parameters. These allow for a deeper variety of chorus and vibrato timbres – ranging from clean, studio-chorus to weirder, ambient lo-fi textures.

Speaking of depth, the width knob also has plenty of that on tap – ranging from “drunk auto-tune” to “tender” pitch vibrato. The pedal features a fully analogue signal path for both wet and dry, as well as extra high-headroom – extended by running the pedal at 18v.

The pedal is available now, listing for $329.95. Find out more at mrblackpedals.com.

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