MXR’s Super Badass Dynamic OD is full of MOSFET tone and response

Available for $129. Not bad.

The Super Badass Dynamic OD is the newest member in MXR’s family of overdrive pedals – this one employs MOSFET clipping to deliver its palette of smooth-to-raucous tones.

The Super Badass Dynamic OD is said to deliver bite while preserving tonal dynamics.
“This pedal’s overdrive is a smooth purr that can be pulled back for a nice, clean
boost or cranked into full gear for vintage high-gain grind,” writes a product description.

Controls include just three knobs, Gain, Tone and Output, as well as a Boost-Cut switch that emphasises the mid-range and adds a touch more volume. It runs on 9V with an adaptor or battery.


MXR demonstrates the pedal’s smooth handling of dynamic playing in a demo:

Guitarists have already begun drawing comparisons between MXR’s dirt box and the Fulltone OCD – both MOSFET overdrives. In recent days, prices for the latter seem to have soared, likely in the wake of Fulltone’s supposed closure.

“What an Obscene Cool Device,” wrote a cheeky commenter on Youtube. “Very smart idea coming out with a better version of an OCD when Fulltone stuff is skyrocketing in price,” wrote another.

The Super Badass Dynamic OD is available for $129, you can learn more at

In related overdrive news, MXR and Analog Man’s highly-anticipated pedal collaboration is set to launch on 1 October. The Duke Of Tone, designed in conjunction with Mike Piera himself, is primed to represent a more affordable (and available) version of the King Of Tone overdrive pedal.