MXR’s Brown Acid Fuzz is now available

Get ready to tune low and play slow.

MXR’s limited edition Brown Acid Fuzz is available now. It features a 70s-styled silicon fuzz circuit, aiming to recreate the fully-saturated saturated fuzz tones of that era.

The three controls on the pedal are all fairly self-explanatory – output, tone and fuzz let you shape the sound to your liking. However, expect things to stay on the heavier side of things. As MXR says, “whether you want to ride droning power chord currents across the universe or summon burly grooves at an ancient altar, this pedal has all you need for your musical invocations.”

The Brown Acid’s retro sound will suit those who just want a go-to Black-Sabbath-in-a-box, or those who want to use it in conjunction with other effects as part of a larger psychedelic rig.


The pedal comes in a standard-sized enclosure, and takes nine-volt power. The input and output jacks are side-mounted. It features the art of Alan Forbes, known for his psychedelic poster art, and is limited to 500 units worldwide.

The Brown Acid Fuzz lists for $149.99, and is available worldwide. More information at