Mythos Pedals announces its first delay, the Oracle

Loaded with two reissued MN3205 chips.

Mythos Pedals has launched its first foray into the world of delay effects, the Oracle Analog Echo.

Originally conceived as a digital unit, Mythos reworked its design to instead hark back to classic analogue bucket brigade delays such as the BOSS DM-2 or the EHX Memory Man.

The sound is centred on two reissued MN3205 bucket brigade chips, thanks to a circuit designed by John Snyder of Electronic Audio Experiments. It results in a total of 600ms of delay time with, of course, a warm filtered quality applied to the repeats.


The controls on the pedal are a trio of self-explanatory knobs for time, feedback and mix. There’s also a tap-tempo footswitch, which adds in the ability to push the delay time past the 600ms maximum of the knob for a more broken sound.

Other features include top-mounted jacks, a socket to add in an external tap-tempo footswitch and true-bypass switching.

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