NAMM 2022: Ciari unveils Ascender Standard folding guitar

The redesigned model allows for a more-affordable guitar, ideal for those on the go.

NAMM 2022: Ciari Guitars has revealed its second guitar, the foldable Ascender Standard model.

With headquarters based in San Diego, Ciari is a company focused on guitar innovation, first making its debut with the award-winning Ascender Custom. Now, the brand’s original design has undergone a drastic change, redesigning and simplifying the structure of folding guitars to make the latest model more accessible than ever before.

The new design, which is to be first revealed at the convention this weekend, is the Ascender Standard which boasts a new look and more affordable price tag than its initial predecessor.


Able to fold symmetrically via a mid-neck hinge, the design prioritises efficiency above all else; creating a guitar that fits neatly in a backpack and provides convenient storage. Ideal for those with a mobile lifestyle, the new model isn’t only easy to transport, but can also be deployed for use within a matter of seconds.

Bearing numerous improvements to the original custom edition, the Ascender Standard features a completely new body style and headstock, both of which were designed by industry experts Joe Glaser and Grover Jackson. What’s more, Ciari continues to take the efficiency of the axe to new heights, enabling the Standard version to be lighter than the original, now weighing just 7.15 lbs.

Specifications of the guitar include a mahogany neck, 24 ¾ scale, Pau Ferro fingerboard and basswood body. Master tone and volume knobs also come featured, alongside locking tuners and a patented folding system which boasts a mid-neck hinge and a “throttle-style” actuator, letting users tighten and loosen the strings at ease.

Coming in at a mere 18.5 inches when folded, optional backpacks to carry the guitar are also available on the Ciari website – allowing the guitar to be easily transported alongside items including laptops and music-related accessories such as pedals and headphones.

The Ascender Standard edition is available in a number of finishes. These include natural, nano-satin black, white, red, blue and the new seafoam green.

Find out more on Ciari’s website.