NAMM 2022: Laney’s new The Difference Engine combines analogue, digital and dynamic-style delay modes into one unit

With 50 artists presets on board, the pedal offers some seriously cool sounds straight out of the gate.

NAMM 2022: Laney has announced The Black Country Customs Difference Engine — an impressive take on the delay pedal which combines analogue, digital and dynamic-style delay modes into one unit.

First, Analogue mode is modelled after traditional tape machines — think Space Echo style delays with wow and flutter artefacts. You get straight delay from a single head or multi-head delays to achieve that classic overlaid delay effect.

The Digital mode, on the other hand, is all about the 80s sound, offering 80s-style effects with up to 2500 ms delay time, plus freeze and multi-tap modes. There’s also an added modulation effect on repeats so you can have that chorus style sound you’ll recognise from your favourite records and guitar solos of the 80s.


Lastly, the Dynamic mode provides a modern 90’s style delay complete with modulation and ducking features. This particular delay era is based on the legendary TC Electronic 2290 Dynamic Digital Delay and offers that lush Ducked digital delay effect that gets louder when you stop playing. In addition to 2500 ms of delay, users can also enjoy modulated repeats with ducking features and phase reversal on repeats in the Dynamic mode.

Laney The Black Country Customs Difference Engine Delay PedalImage: Laney

There’s also one cool feature: The Difference Engine allows you to mix and combine features from the three modes to create your own sonic footprint. For example, you can add phase reversal to your Space Echo-style repeats.

Despite its compact size, the pedal comes with a 2.42” OLED screen to help you keep track of your adjustments, as well as full-sized MIDI in/out ports and an expression pedal input. It also has stereo in and outs and controls for Colour, Tone, Mix, Repeats and Edit.

Listed at a price of $429, The Difference Engine comes preloaded with 50 artist patches — including big names like Tony Iommi, Justin Hawkins, Brian May, Martin Miller, and Lari Basilio.


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