NAMM 2022: Revv Amps Introduces its first signature series pedal, the vintage-sounding Shawn Tubbs Tilt Overdrive

The new compact dual pedal aims to add versatility and clarity to your playing, emulating a vintage amp tone.

NAMM 2022: In its latest launch, Revv Amps has unveiled its first pedal made alongside an artist. Created with acclaimed YouTuber and session guitarist Shawn Tubbs, the Revv Tilt Overdrive is also the first dual-sided effect pedal to be debuted by the Canadian company, designed to capture that vintage sound Tubbs has become most associated with.

Most widely renowned for his work as a session player across the Nashville and Los Angeles music scene, Shawn Tubbs has spent over three decades crafting what has now come to be recognised as his signature sound.

Now, after working with plenty of Grammy Award-winning artists throughout his discography, the latest collaboration with Revv Amps seeks to capture the warm tones of a vintage amp in a pedal format.

Designed to be as flexible and organic as possible, the compact Tilt Overdrive provides vintage tones alongside a boost that adds both clarity and nuance to any current setup – allowing users the ability to capture the guitarist’s rustic sound in their own music.

The pedal comes divided into two distinctive sections, Overdrive and Boost, which can be activated isolated from each other as a result of the dedicated footswitch. Here, the Overdrive is listed by the company as a ‘touch-sensitive amp-voiced drive’ and aims to mimic a vintage amplifier. This can also be adjusted by the user’s individual style, with gain, volume and a 2-band EQ section with Treble and Bass knobs coming included.

In addition, the Boost effect also boasts some impressive features as the “Tilt Boost” allows musicians to shift the frequency behaviour in one direction. Using this, users can choose to capture a cleaner sound, or even sculpt their tone by incorporating more bass and less high-end into their playing style.

Further features of the pedal include the Tight toggle switch which is ideal for those fond of heavily distorted guitar sounds, top-mounted jacks, silent relay switching and a commercially available 9V power supply.

“I’ve been on so many different gigs that I know exactly what I need to perform. Cutting through the mix with the right mids, great feel that cleans up with your hands & the volume knob, a killer boost to kick in & just make everything sound better,” Tubbs stated when recently promoting the pedal.

“Every time I’ve played an incredible vintage amp I’d get so inspired & that’s what went into this pedal. It’s all my favourite tones combined into one simple box.” He continues. “If you want to have my tone, well here it is in this pedal. But I think this pedal might help you sound like yourself.”

The Revv Shawn Tubbs Tilt Overdrive is available now for $269. For additional information, visit Revv Amps’s website.


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