NAMM 2022: Silvertone is back with a 1444 bass reissue in three new colourways

“You want to play this one!” says Silvertone.

NAMM 2022: Iconic American instrument brand Silvertone is finally making its return to guitar-land with an upcoming reissue of the 1444 bass in three unique colourways.

Instead of an exact replica, the upcoming reissue model will be a modified version of the original Silvertone 1444. The company says that the bass has been “redesigned for the modern bassist” and can “easily produce vintage and modern tones”.

The reissue features a 24 fret 30-inch short scale rock maple neck with rosewood fingerboard and a solid mahogany body. New additions include a bridge position lipstick pickup for added versatility and a fully adjustable bridge. The bass also comes with two Silvertone lipstick pickups with two volume controls and a master tone control.


Unlike the original 1444, the reissue features a fully adjustable dual expanding truss rod for greater control over the instrument. While the “Dolphin Nose” headstock remains, Silvertone has decided to shed the all-business image of the original black-only 1444 this time, offering fans three colours to choose from — Black Silver Flake (BSF), Copper Metallic (CM), and Silverburst (SVB).

The original Silvertone 1444 was the first four-string electric bass offered by American department store Sears back in 1959. It featured a ‘U’ style body with a rounded neck cutaway and aluminium cavity cover, and a four-string version of the famous Dano bridge.

This model was also the longest-offered Silvertone bass, ending production only in 1966, which means that if you were a kid in the 60s picking up your first bass guitar, chances are that you would’ve played with one of these.

Known for its budget-friendly price tag, the 1444 was massively popular as a ‘first-stop’ instrument among teens and budding basses.

There’s no word on the price yet, but fans at the NAMM 2022 show this weekend can head to Silvertone’s booth to check out the instrument.


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