NAMM 2022: Taylor Guitars introduces two new all-koa acoustics to its 700 series lineup

The 724ce and 722ce feature “select-grade” koa wood for a livelier and punchier sound.

NAMM 2022: Taylor Guitars has announced two all-koa additions to its 700 series lineup: the 724ce Grand Auditorium and 722ce Grand Concert.

This time, the brand is shifting from its longtime tonewood pairing of rosewood and spruce to an all-koa construction.

The two acoustics are crafted with back, sides and top of solid koa, using new “select-grade” koa wood that boasts rich colour variegation and straight grain structure.


Compared to the brand’s existing highly-figured Koa Series, this all-koa 700 series offers a more “organic aesthetic”, says Taylor.

The guitars also come with an ultra-thin matte finish and a modified back bracing pattern, a combination that supposedly “minimises the damping effect” to produce a “punchier, more vibrant and player-reflective” sound according to Taylor’s master builder Andy Powers.

“With the ultra-thin finish, you can feel the actual wood texture, the grain structure, the pores,” Powers explains. “You’ll also hear more of the tactile elements of your playing — more of your fingertips, a pick touching the strings, the subtle nuance of a guitarist’s natural sound. I think of this as a player-reflective version of a koa guitar — you get more control over what you sound like.”

As for the sonic differences between the new 700 Series and Taylor’s existing Koa Series, Powers says: “If a Koa Series guitar is a perfectly prepared cappuccino, these new all-koa 700s would be more like a great pour-over coffee with well-roasted beans, presented in the most direct way possible for the purest koa experience. You get all the flavour, with minimal filtering.”

Both the 724ce and the 722ce showcase a new suite of decorative appointments focused on natural materials, including rosewood binding, a paua shell/rosewood rosette, maple/rosewood top edge trim and a dark-stained maple pickguard. They also feature a new mother-of-pearl “Fountain” inlay motif.

The new koa 700s will replace the rosewood/spruce 700 Series models, except for the recently released Builder’s Edition 717, which retains its rosewood/spruce tonewood pairing and other specifications. The guitars will also ship with Taylor’s Deluxe Hardshell Case.


Pricing on the two guitars has yet to be announced.

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