NAMM 2022: Yamaha celebrates the THR30II’s 10th anniversary with two new colourways

If the amp’s vintage look has put you off buying in the past, the new Black and White finish might just do the trick.

NAMM 2022: The Yamaha THR30II is getting an update with two new colourways in celebration of the 10th anniversary of the THR series of amplifiers.

The portable guitar amp will soon arrive in an all-black or all-white finish, a sleek departure from the more retro aesthetic of the original THR30II.

Apart from the new look, the amps’ internals remain exactly the same. Like the originals, the new desktop amps feature Yamaha’s VCM amp-modelling tech, delivering amp sounds that respond exactly like real tube amps, incredibly realistic effects and hi-fi quality stereo playback — all at low volumes.

Each amp also comes with Bluetooth support, a Line 6 Relay wireless receiver and a stereo line output to accommodate a wide range of performance settings.

Yamaha Product Marketing Manager Dave Milner commented on the occasion, saying “Design has always been an important part of the THR story. When creating amplifiers that address how guitarists play at home, we wanted to offer products that fit both physically and aesthetically in those spaces.

“We now provide a choice of colours for the THR30II Wireless amplifier so that even more guitarists can find the perfect match for their style,” he continued. “This is the first time we’ve offered a THR in multiple colours, and it’s another way in which we’re celebrating ten years of THR.”

For those who have put off buying the THR30II in the past due to its vintage look, the new models are sure to blend in nicely with your home or studio.

You can get your hands on the Black and White Yamaha THR30II now for $869. To find out more, visit Yamaha.com

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