Neunaber reimagines its Wet Reverb, Seraphim Shimmer and Echelon Echo

Guitarists get more options with two selectable algorithms per pedal.

Neunaber Pedals

Image: Neunaber

Neunaber has launched updated versions of its Wet Reverb, Seraphim Shimmer and Echelon Echo stompboxes. Each now features two selectable algorithms, top mounted jacks, a clean black look and more.

The Wet Reverb v5 pedal gains a new W3T reverb algorithm culled from the Immerse MK II pedal and plug-in.

The Seraphim Shimmer v2 – which combines a reverb and a shimmer layer – adds the shimmer algorithm from the Immerse Mk II pedal and plug-in, in addition to the original.

Echelon Echo v2 now features two effects, adding on a Lo-Fi delay for vintage, crackly flavour, in addition to the original’s Hi-Fi Tape Echo – which gives you the high-frequency saturation of magnetic tape, and modulation for richness and colour.

Each pedal also offers a simplified control layout with just three knobs, including a mix knob that lets you blend the effect with your dry signal. There’s also the ability to decide how trails are handled: whether they fade off naturally, or cut off when bypassing the effect.

All three pedals are going for an introductory price of $149 (usually $199).

Learn more about Neunaber’s updated pedals at

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