Neural DSP announces Archetype: Petrucci

Looking for some prog-metal greatness in your virtual rig?

Archetype: Petrucci

Image: Neural DSP

Neural DSP has teamed up with Dream Theater guitarist John Petrucci for Archetype: Petrucci, a virtual rig co-designed with the guitarist’s tones in mind.

The software plugin includes a full signal chain, all the way from pre-effects to room microphones and post-effects. The chain is separated into separate sections:

Pre Effects

The Pre Effects section includes two virtual pedals: a compressor and a wah. The compressor has controls for compression level and the overall output volume, and the wah has been voiced after Petrucci’s own wah tone.


The Stompbox section includes four virtual pedals: a flanger, chorus, phaser/vibe and overdrive pedal.


There are four amplifier models included in Archetype: Petrucci. In order of ascending gain levels, they are Piezo, Clean, Rhythm and Lead. These allow for a huge range of sounds, from acoustic- or single-coil-focused amplification with the Piezo amplifier, to the infinite sustain and deep saturation of the Lead amplifier.

Cabinet Simulation

You have a number of options for cabinet simulation. Archetype: Petrucci includes a “comprehensive” collection of cabinet simulations, recorded by Jimmy T and Dream Theater HQ. This includes six virtual microphones with adjustable positioning. This module can also load your own impulse responses.

Room Microphones

These simulate microphones placed in the same room as the rig, with three levels of distance selectable and an overall blend control.

Additional effects

Archetype: Petrucci also includes a transpose effect to shift your entire guitar up or down, as well as a doubler to widen your stereo field.

Neural DSP CEO Douglas Castro said of the collaboration: “Often when it comes to the most significant matters, the more you feel like saying, the less necessary it seems to say anything at all. Greatness is self-evident. This could not be more true for John Petrucci. Being at the forefront of progressive and guitar music for decades, he has redefined what is expected of a modern guitarist.

“Distilling what has been a remarkable career into the perfect software tool for someone as demanding as John was one of the most formidable challenges we have ever faced as a team. The Rhythm amplifier is Thunderous and insanely versatile. The tight knob, bite switch, and bass knob all interact with the amplifier’s gain structure to dial in the perfect amount of attack or growl.”

Archetype: Petrucci lists for €149, with a 14-day free trial available. Find out more at


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