Plini unveils two new-and-updated signature guitars with Strandberg: the Prog NX 6 and Neck-Thru Black

The prog guitarist teams up with the company once more to reconstruct his signature designs and launch his third and fourth models for the brand.

Australian guitar virtuoso Plini has recently re-teamed up with Strandberg to debut the new, overhauled version of his two flagship models: the Boden Plini Edition and the Neck-Thru Natural.

Redesigning and upgrading the spec sheet of the original designs, the Boden Prog NX 6 and Neck-Thru Black boast an all-new look for the signature designs, yet maintain the vital aspects that made the originals quite so highly acclaimed.

First looking at the Boden Prog NX 6, the remake of the initial Boden Plini Edition, the upgraded spec redesigns the original blueprint to showcase a new body, neck and fretboard materials and incorporates the newly-debuted Plini humbuckers.


Now upgrading the initial swamp ash body with a chambered mahogany alternative and redesigning the neck as mahogany rather than the original roasted maple, the new launch overhauls the first edition as a new, lighter-weight alternative.

Plini Signature Strandberg Boden Model 2022
Image: Strandberg

Taking a closer glance at the spec, the 25-fret, 20” radius Richlite fretboard takes the place of its ebony counterpart whilst the signature moon inlay – exclusive to Plini – remains on the 12th fret. Similarly, the model features the brand’s distinctive EndurNeck profile and EGS Rev 7 vibrato system that is showcased across all Boden models.

Available now for $2,695, the guitar comes equipped with Green Luminlay side dots and Plini Edition humbuckers, which are controlled by the three-way switch and a master volume control.

The Neck-Thru Black comes as the second of the two new launches by Plini as part of his Strandberg signature collection. In a midnight-black finish, the new model comes almost identical to its original counterpart, which was unveiled last year.

The chambered swamp ash body and roasted maple neck, reinforced by carbon fibre, replicate Strandberg’s widely-recognised neck-through-body design to generate unparalleled playability and upper fret access.


Plini Signature Strandberg Neck-Thru Black 2022
Image: Strandberg

Also featuring a number of the Prog musician’s distinctive specs, including the Plini moon inlay, signature humbuckers, 20”-radius, 24-fret ebony fretboard, Strandberg EGS 5 vibrato system and EndurNeck neck profile, the new design becomes a more stealthy and sleek version of its original counterpart.

The Boden Neck-Thru Plini Edition Black is available now for $2,995.

To hear both new models in action, check out the musician putting the two to the test as he plays through his 2020 cut, Impulse Voices.