NAMM 2019 Video: Watch Orianthi introduce her new NEXI pedals

These stompboxes are all about modern and classic blues tones.

Nexi Industries has teamed up with Australian ‘shred queen’ Orianthi to introduce two new signature guitar effects pedals. Modeled after the 33-year-old guitarist’s signature tone, the Nexi pedals will incorporate classic and modern blues tones into its plug-and-play concept.

With the NEXI Octaver and NexiPlexi, the Dutch pedal manufacturer claims they’re built to Orianthi’s specs and are designed to “open more tonal horizons for any player.” And like all of the Amsterdam brand’s other products, these can be powered by its acclaimed Solution pedalboard. The board uses a ‘click-and-play’ design to secure pedals to the board, send them power, and chain up to other pedals without the need for patch cables.

Watch a quick demo on Orianthi’s Facebook page:


Both Orianthi Signature Effect Pedals retail at $99.50, and are scheduled for release at Winter NAMM 2019. More information at