Noatronic’s wireless system lets you control MIDI-enabled pedals with your guitar tone knob

An IndieGoGo campaign for the system has launched.

While some guitarists take pride in their tap-dancing skills, others aren’t as keen on gazing at their shoes or bending over to twist knobs. Noatronic’s new wireless system is one for the latter group: it lets you control MIDI-enabled pedals with your guitar’s tone knob.

The system comes in three parts: a controller in the form of a potentiometer, a transmitter that latches onto your strap and a receiver that translates information to MIDI messages for your pedals.

Pushing in twice on the potentiometer wakes the system up, after which it starts activating effects. You can roll up or down on the control to adjust different parameters on the fly, as Noatronics demonstrates in the video below with a pitch-glide effect.


Noatronic also says that the device is protected against drop-out issues thanks to an “intelligent and adaptive channel and antenna selection” system. Meanwhile, the transmitter is powered by two AA batteries.

The system builds on a wired version that debuted at NAMM 2019 and took home the Best In Show award twice. Noatronic has launched an IndieGoGo to fund this latest one, where those interested can pick up a set for €359 (usually €599). The campaign is set to last until 9 October, and the first batch of systems ships in May 2022.

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