Noel Gallagher teases a second signature guitar with Gibson, based on his Cherry Red ES-355

The musician took to social media to raise speculations on what may be his first signature electric guitar.

Set to embark on an upcoming tour with his band, Noel Gallagher has recently hinted that a new signature version of his Gibson ES-355 may be on the horizon later this year.

Taking to Instagram yesterday (May 18), the ex-Oasis member uploaded a video suggesting that his beloved 1960s Cherry Red Gibson may soon be unveiled as his newest signature model – with the caption simply reading “August 2022”.

The original model, proclaimed by Gallagher to be “the greatest guitar” he has ever played during a 2015 interview with Premier Guitar, comes relatively standardised in its features, featuring a six-position Varitone switch near the volume and tone knobs and, of course, a Bigsby tremolo.

From what is visible in the video shared by Gallagher, the potential new model is set to also embed these features, shying away from the often-outlandish array of modifications commonly seen in signature models.

This would coincide with previous statements the frontman made regarding his attitude towards signature models. When asked if he would consider creating a signature guitar during an interview with Guitar World in 2015, he stated: “I’ve been asked and I kinda can’t be fucking bothered [… If] I was to sit down and design a guitar, it would be exactly the same as the one I fucking play.”

He continued, explaining what he prioritises most when it comes to the instrument:

“My main guitar, my 355, is in no way unique. It hasn’t got any unique, specific features on it. It’s just a fucking great guitar. It sounds great, has great pickups. I mean, what more could you do to a guitar? The guitar itself is really not important. It’s the fucking player, isn’t it?”

This announcement comes in light of recent news regarding Gallagher’s original ES-355, which sold at an auction in Paris for €385,500 on Tuesday. The guitar was notoriously destroyed at the Rock en Seine festival in 2009 – the same night that the band parted ways for good.

If the six-string is confirmed, it would be his first electric signature model with Gibson. Previously, Gallagher announced his initial collaboration with the brand by revealing his premier signature in 2021, the acoustic J-150.

Further information on the Gibson ES-355 has yet to be released. Information on the songwriter’s only current signature, the J-150 can be found at Gibson.

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