NUX’s Horseman is a two-in-one Klon Centaur tribute

Mini pedal is touted to deliver two legendary overdrive sounds.

Chinese company NUX has introduced the Horseman, a mini OD pedal designed to replicate two legendary drive circuits: the gold and silver Klon Centaurs.

The pedal has two modes – aptly named Gold and Silver – which can be toggled by holding down the footswitch. Gold is intended to mimic its predecessor’s transparent OD tone, while the Silver mode is a juiced-up version of its forebear, featuring a wider gain range.

To nail both sounds, the Horseman relies on a Klon Centaur-inspired op-amp voltage-converter. This component is designed to supply 18 volts to the op-amp, catering for more harmonics and a considerable headroom.


In terms of controls, the pedal features three knobs: gain, output and treble. The gain knob is designed to be a double potentiometer, which means that it’ll be able to sculpt both low- and mid-frequencies. The Horseman also offers clean boost capability: by lowering the gain control and increasing the output knob, it mostly adds volume, with very little colour.

Retails at $69. More info at