Old Blood’s Split/Meld lets you get creative with routing for just $29

The passive router can combine signals or split them out to different places.

Old Blood Noise Endeavors has announced the Split/Meld, a simple passive router pedal for just $29.

The passive routing box gives you two pairs of TRS/Stereo jacks and two TS Mono jacks. These function as either inputs or outputs depending on how you hook it up.

Split/Meld lets you get creative with your setup by blending signals together or splitting them out to different places. You can use it to blend drives and fuzzes together, send your signal out to two separate amps, or even send part of your signal to a secondary ‘board with different effects. Keep in mind however, that since there aren’t any switches on the device, you won’t be able to select channels on the fly like on a typical ABY pedal.


Like Old Blood’s other pedals, the Split/Meld sports the brand’s signature aesthetic and has a small footprint. Also, since it’s a passive router, it doesn’t need a power supply to operate.

Check out the Split/Meld in action below:


The Split/Meld is available now at $29.

Last month, Old Blood also revamped its popular Alpha Haunt fuzz pedal for 2021, scaling down its enclosure size and featuring new artwork from Daniel Danger, as well as a slightly reorganised layout.


Learn more at oldbloodnoise.com

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