Orange launches Crush Acoustic 30 amp

Portable, battery-powered and perfect for the busker in you

Orange has announced the new Crush Acoustic 30 amplifier, in a portable enclosure with an angled construction and baffle.

With chorus and reverb available over two channels, the global notch filter also reduces feedback efficiently and precisely with one control.


The first channel is the dedicated acoustic guitar channel, equipped with a pad switch which can remove up to 10dB, perfect for a clean signal your higher output instruments require. It’s also armed with a 3-band EQ and a colour switch which boosts presence and cuts the midrange frequencies. Channel 2 features an XLR input, meaning it can be used with a second guitar or even a microphone. The phantom power is switchable as is the mic/line input.

The 8” Voice of the World speaker has been designed exclusively for the Crush Acoustic 30, delivering 30 Watts of power. The cab is available in orange or black livery and features has a tilted design.

Watch the video demo with Mary Spender below: