Origin Effects debuts RevivalDRIVE Compact

Valve-style OD replicates British and American NMV tube amp tones.

Origin Effects has launched RevivalDRIVE Compact, a single-channel OD designed to replicate the non-master volume tube tones of British- and American-style amps. As its name suggests, this stomper is a pedalboard-friendly version of the brand’s dual-channel RevivalDRIVE released last year.

Sonically, both pedals are very similar. As the RevivalDRIVE Compact retains its predecessor’s same valve amp-style signal path – based on analogue components – it should produce a similar flavour of OD.

Controls on the smaller pedal have, however, been streamlined. With six controls – outputs, highs, gains, lows, more/presence and blend – the RevivalDRIVE Compact has half the number of knobs as its predecessor. While gain and output are self-explanatory, here are the details of the other four knobs:

  • Lows: Used to drive or tighten-up the low-end
  • Highs: Gives you smooth, continuous control over the RevivalDRIVE’s preamp voicing modes.
  • More/presence: Varies the negative feedback around the pedal’s power amp stage which effectively changes the pedal’s level of touch-sensitivity to produce Plexi, Fender and even Vox-style amp tones
  • Blend:
    • Mixes dry and wet signals
    • Lowers gain when guitar’s natural signal is fed in for more musical results

Joining the six knobs is a Post-Drive EQ section that lets you match the voicing of the pedal’s output to amps, mixers and recording interfaces.

Retails at $385/£315. More info at origineffects.com.