Paradox Effects debuts Futura Multiparametric Envelope Chorus

An all-analogue chorus/vibrato with a special envelope follower circuit.

Paradox Effects Futura

Paradox Effects has launched the Futura, an all-analogue chorus/vibrato pedal with a bucket brigade chip and a few modern tricks up its sleeve.

The new pedal offers up classic, warm sounds not unlike Boss’ CE-2, but its circuit also features an embedded envelope follower, which tweaks parameters like depth and rate, depending on how you play your instrument.

The envelope is operated through a smart switch, which features a momentary mode, on top of the standard on/off. With the envelope in operation, you can opt to modulate rate, depth or both, via a three-way toggle switch. There’s also a two-way switch that allows you to choose between upward or downward swells.

The parameters are also governed by two dedicated knobs – tweaking the depth control modifies the intensity of modulation, while adjusting the rate control changes the LFO’s speed.

You can further sculpt the chorus/vibrato effect with these controls:

  • Level knob:
    • Governs the overall output
  • Blend knob:
    • Adjusts the dry/wet mix
    • Lets you modify pedal’s character, ranging from classic chorus or vibrato tones, or modern sounds with both voices overlapping
  • Sensitivity knob:
    • Governs the pedal’s response to picking dynamics
    • Also affects the sensitivity of the envelope, which determines the amount of pitch shifting during modulation

Here’s a quick rundown (video is in Spanish, so turn on CC):

Ships from March at $210. More info at


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