Paul Davids explains Monterey Strat video removal, reveals owner’s plan to authenticate guitar with panel of experts

“However this ends, the whole situation has been a great life lesson so far.”

Paul Davids has released a statement about the removal of his video about the Monterey Stratocaster, revealing that the owner is currently in the process of putting together a “truly independent panel of experts” in the hopes of gaining a definitive answer as to the guitar’s authenticity.

David’s video on the guitar was removed from YouTube earlier this week, following a number of concerns raised about the instrument. Before this, Davids had pinned a comment to the video explaining that he was aware of the concerns and not absolutely sure that he did play the same guitar that Jimi Hendrix played at Monterey Pop Festival.

On Instagram, Davids wrote: “Hey all, I’ve decided to pull the infamous Hendrix Strat video for now! Since the video came out there have been doubts about the authenticity of the guitar. I understand the concerns regarding this instrument and I’d sure love to get to the bottom of this. I’ve been speaking with the owner of the guitar and he has always been very forthcoming with extra information and provenance of the guitar whenever I asked for it. I learned more about the history of this very guitar than any of my own guitars.


“Some of the info is known, some of it is private or even confidential. When (if?) this information ever comes out is unfortunately not up to me. So how to go forward? The owner is willing to put together a panel of independent industry experts to determine the authenticity of the guitar, to fully cooperate and share the guitar and everything he knows about it with the panel. I think it’s the only way to go forward really. If the guitar is genuine I’d love to put the video back up, since it was an awesome experience.

“If this turns out to be a fake, he was the victim of a highly elaborate scam… and I fell for it too. In that case I’m feeling sad for the owner, but also for the fact that someone actually purposely replicated the guitar and sold it as such.

“I think it would be a good idea to do a follow up video anyway, because however this ends, the whole situation has been a great life lesson so far.

“The fact I didn’t do a follow-up video yet, or put out a statement other than changing the title and adding a pinned comment, is simply that I do not want to speculate.”

Davids then shares a message he received from the owner of the guitar, which reads: “Once the independent panel have reached a conclusion either this will once and for all be authenticated as one of Jimi’s most important guitars or it will have been one of the most sophisticated scams which aside from myself would have duped the experts at Fender. I’m glad this guitar has had the attention it deserves and only hope the process of setting up a truly independent panel of experts with authority and knowledge can happen smoothly, sooner rather than later and a process can be agreed which satisfies everyone [that] it is completely independent and proper.”