NAMM 2021: Pigtronix goes interstellar with the Space Rip, Constellator and Moon Pool

Starring completely analogue circuits.

Pigtronix Micro Pedals 2021

Images: Pigtronix

NAMM 2021: Pigtronix has announced a trio of fully analogue micro pedals for 2021: the Space Rip, Constellator and Moon Pool.

Space Rip

The Space Rip is a synth pedal designed to make your guitar sound like a vintage analogue synth. It features pulse width modulation (PWM), which sweeps between a saw and square wave to form a thick and vibrant tone. The device also features a “state-of-the-art” tracking engine that’s said to keep up with not only the fastest of scale runs, but picking dynamics too.

Rounding off the pedal’s features are a Sub knob and an Octave switch that let you drop in two additional lower octaves for an even fatter sound.


Lush delays are the name of the game with the Constellator. It uses retro Bucket Brigade Device chips for a distinctly warm analogue sound, and features just five controls, including a mod that lets you add colour and warp to the signal. Rounding things out on this pedal is a feel switch that toggles between a chorus and vibrato effect.

Moon Pool

The Moon Pool is a modulation mashup featuring a phase shifter and tremolo, which can be run independently or in series. Each effect has its own speed control, but for a more tactile approach, you can also set the effect to follow your picking dynamics through the Sens knob.

Onboard, there’s a 4-stage VCA-based phaser and a variable bias tremolo. Meanwhile, the depth control determines the overall effect’s dry/wet mix.

Pricing and availability

The Space Rip, Constellator and Moon Pool each carries a price tag of $179. A release date has yet to be announced.

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