Plextrum is a new guitar pick design that uses a tongue

Not a real tongue, that would be weird.

The Plextrum

Image: Plextrum

Plextrum is a newly announced guitar pick, one which uses an innovative design to offer a more versatile and comfortable picking experience.

Unlike a regular pick, which can’t really have any ‘features’ ascribed to it, the Plextrum comes with three distinct features. Its body, the top part of the pick, is far thicker than a regular pickup meaning a more comfortable gripping experience for extended periods of time. The tongue, sticking some ways out of the body, pivots on a unique mechanism allowing for up to 20 degrees of movement,

Finally, there’s a finger grip – this allows for control of the tongue’s angle, gripped hard the Plextrum functions more like a thicker pick for a more precise attack, and gripped looser the tongue is let pivot freely – acting more like a thin pick for full-bodied strums.

The Plextrum is designed by Trevor Lewis and is manufactured in the UK using polycarbonate and acetal. Three thicknesses of tongue are available – 0.5, 0.75 and 1 mm.

The Plextrum is available in pre-release packages of one, two or three picks, stating at £6.99. Find out more at


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